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Dengeki Girl’s Style August 2014 - Free! high res scans + translation

Another “scanlation” of sorts! Translated by touchturnfly this time, please thank them warmly!
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cyclopesprincess asked:

Makoto and Sasuke!

Dust in The Spark Answer:


Makoto and Sousuke! Yes!

Who would cook? Makoto studies hard to become a better cook - not only to be a better bf and to feed himself but also because he sometimes babysits his younger siblings and need to cook proper food for them too, once Makoto moves to his own apartment for uni. Sousuke can cook an ok meals too so he treats Makoto every now and then and saves him the trouble, also - once they move in together, Sousuke cooks more because Makoto tends to burn himself pretty often and he’s just…. a clutch when it comes to knives and stuff.

Who would clean? Makoto is messier than Sousuke, so Makoto also tends to clean up, and because Sousuke does most of the cooking, it’s only fair.

who would want to cuddle the most? Makoto would be shy about it in the start but he would, definitely! He just loves to touch and be touched by his boyfriend, and he loves being close. Sousuke isn’t too much of a cuddler but he likes to be close too, so sort of the cuddling comes naturally from Sousuke? As in, he doesn’t notice it, it just happens because he wants to be close.

always be horny and up for sex? SOUSUKE. Makoto is too oblivious and he’s a HUGE tease, not even noticing it! Forgets to bring towels to the shower and stuff, so Sousuke has to bring them for him, and once he sees Makoto water-fresh and a bit disheveled… how could he possibly resist not to devour Tachibana? Basically this is about Makoto catching Sousuke off-guard! Sousuke in the other hand likes the teasing - he teases his partners to the edge of wanthing to badly have sex. I’m talking about suggestive words and touches, not quite the kind that would directly tell Makoto Sousuke wants to fuck, but they leave the idea burn Makoto up.

who would be romantic? They’re not grossly too romantic but I guess Sousuke would be more romantic? Makoto is basically an angel to Sousuke and Sousuke wants to treat Makoto nicely, sometimes by doing romantic stuff.

who would want kids more? Well, not really want but Makoto would like the kids more. He loves his younger siblings but once they grow up, Makoto still works at the swimming school so he still gets to be with kids. Because he is surrounded by them, he doesn’t really think about having their own? Sousuke loves seeing Makoto with kids, and he likes the idea of having a family with Makoto that would include extra steps from their own. At some point Sousuke asks Makoto if he would want to adopt. That’s where Makoto realizes that Sousuke is really serious about spending the rest of his life with him. Makoto says yes!

who kissed who first? Sousuke would kiss Makoto first but not taking Makoto off-guard and surprising him. The whole gang would be at the beach, in the sunset, celibrating graduation and future dreams. Sousuke would pull Makoto away, for a walk, and well - the next question will have more info about how they started - they talk, Sousuke asks Makoto to keep contact with him since they attend different Unis. Makoto is blushinjg slightly, saying that they wouldn’t be that far away from each other, that he could travel to see Sousuke treating his shoulder properly. Sousuke smiles and agrees that someone indeed would have to keep an eye on him, and then he adds that don’t worry, I won’t mess up this time. Then he catches Makoto’s hand and they stop walking. Sousuke’s other hand would gently touch Makoto’s reddening cheek and turn Makoto’s face so they’d have eye contact, Makoto being super embarrassed!!
Yamazaki would ask Tachibana, if it’s okay him to kiss him, and Makoto can barely nod, giving the taller boy a breathy yes, and that’s when Sousuke leans closer and kisses Makoto with a smile. ( u w u ) [dreamy sigh]

who made the first move? Makoto in a sense that he was always staring Sousuke with red cheeks and cloudy eyes, and being super attentive and nice to him. Sousuke of course notices this and Haru notices too how Sousuke starts to give Makoto unnecassery touches and smiles - being too friendly and close. One day Makoto and Haruka are at the town, shopping swimming gear and poof! Sousuke is there too. Haru excuses him from Makoto and he approaches Sousuke, while Makoto is in the changing room. Haru tells Sousuke to treat Makoto right, like he deserves and taking responsibility, not to ever broke Makoto’s heart ow Haru would destroy Sousuke. Sousuke basically feels that he was given permission from the guardian to proceed with his feelings. Haru buys his stuff and leaves, leaving Sousuke to explain and ask Makoto for a date for the rest of the day, which to Makoto says confused yes!

who pushes for marriage more? Haru does. One day at a dinner at Sousuke and Makoto’s appartment he bluntly asks that isn’t it about a time for them to get married since they’ve been together years. Sousuke then proposes few months later.