I was working on this today so might as well make it a little walkthrough!

  1. Sketch it out
  2. Lineart (combination of both circle and flat brushes)
  3. Flats
  4. Add Gradients, but not too much
  5. Shading (I use purple for most of my shading), combine clean and messy strokes
  6. Add ‘highlights’, reflections with a brighter shade of blue/yellow
  7. Color you lines
  8. Add some subtle glow effects
  9. Lastly add a soft overlay color(white/orange for this pic), color your shading with a variation of reds and blues, add white outlines for effect, adjust your lighting/curves/saturation. Done!

Usually I would add more color, but for this pic I decided to keep it a bit ‘clean’ 

But the ‘magic’ part is mostly the color combinations really. I’d suggest learning about the ‘Color Theory’ and learn the different types (monochromatic, complementary, analogic, triad, etc) It will really make your art more vibrant!

Hope this helps a bit, I’ll try to do a full, in-depth tutorial later on uvu